Turbo List your Books into Amazon

How to List and Ship over 100 Books per Hour to Amazon FBA

What is ScanLister? ScanLister is a desktop application that allows you to list books quickly into Amazon FBA. Just grade the condition of the book and scan the barcode. The rest of the work can be automated. The shipping, storage, and customer service can be done by Fulfillment by Amazon. The pricing and repricing can be done by a 3rd-party repricing service. The labeling can be done by Amazon or you can choose to label the books yourself.

Here's how ScanLister works ...

1. Select the condition and condition note

2. Scan the books

3. Upload the ISBN numbers to your Amazon seller account

4. Label the books or select the Amazon Label Service.

5. Put the books into a box and print the UPS shipping label

One Time Payment of $97 (No Monthly Fee)


Money Back Guarantee




1. ScanLister is currently for books only.

2. Scanlister is available for Windows only.

3. An Amazon Professional Seller account is required (fomerly called Pro-Merchant).

4. ScanLister is available for Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.ca customers.



"Purchased ScanLister while out of town two days ago.  Used it last night. I love it.  Been waiting for something like this...thanks so much."

-Ed G.

"Thank you so much for sharing this software with us.   It saves me tons and tons of time and money.   I feel this is a great investment."

 -Chris W. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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